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216 Artic Tickle Stories®
Item# BK294
Language and Articulation “Libs” for 16 Sounds plus Blends Book
Susan Rose Simms
Grades PreK-6

Don't all children smile when they see a Mad Libs book? Well, now you can capture "libs-like" excitement in your classroom as your kids fill in their very own hilarious language and articulation stories. Artic Tickle has a cornucopia of 216 stories written by the most creative SLP story-teller we know–Rosie Simms.
216 Artic Tickle Stories
  • Twelve stories per sound (three each for initial, medial, and final positions of S, R, L, CH, SH, TH, K, G, P, B, D, V, F, M, N, T, and Z).
  • Four stories each for S/R/L Blends in initial position.
  • Customized word-picture lists for your young students working on their early sounds, and noun/verb/adjective word lists for higher level sounds.
  • Each list and story is on one reproducible page so it is easy to copy and simple to send home.
Where else will you find Hannah and the Funny Beanie and Peter Pan Can? Don't you think it's time to "Lib" it up?

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