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Say and Do® Rebus for Articulation
Item# BK262
S/R/L, SH/CH/TH, and S/R/L Blends Stories & Activities
Susan Rose Simms

Grades PreK-6

Ready for Rebus? This 217-page, reproducible book has lots of intriguing Rebus stories your students will enjoy. All targets have picture-words, so even non-readers can participate. Rebus contains 100 stories targeting S, R, L, SH, CH, TH, and S, R, L Blends in initial, medial, final, and combo positions in words. You receive two levels of stories—a primary level for young learners and a moderate level for more advanced students. An activity sheet follows each story to individualize for each student at the word, phrase, sentence, and carryover levels. Includes a parent letter.

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