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Say and Do® "K" Artic Bingo
Item# BGO99

Artic K Bingo includes:
  • 12 full-color, laminated Artic Bingo boards (8½"x 11") printed front and back! This gives you 6 initial, 6 medial, 6 final, and 6 combo—I, M, F boards. 24 playing surfaces in all.
  • 24 beautiful pictures on each board.
  • 96 riddle calling cards (2⅛" x 3⅝"). (The caller can either read the riddle and have students guess the answer or the caller can show the target picture and say the word).
  • Bingo chips (assorted colors) in a handy storage tub.
  • Color-coded Bingo boards and calling cards for easy sorting - green (initial), red (medial), purple (final), and blue (I, M, F combo).

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