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Flamingo Bingo® and Lotto!
Item# BGO146
The Fun Game of 16 Position Words!
Sharon G. Webber, M.S. and Ashley Drennan
Grades PreK-2

Now, where did that Flamingo go?
This two-in-one game teaches 16 position words in concept pairs for children at all skill levels.
Concepts are:
  • In/Out
  • Around/Through
  • Over/Under
  • Above/Below
  • On/Off
  • Up/Down
  • In Front/Behind
  • Beside/Between
While playing bingo, children search for and find the Flamingo picture you describe to them, and then they place Flamingo tokens on their bingo boards. For lotto, children locate the pictures on their lotto boards that match their Flamingo cards. As a bonus, you get lotto cards in pairs to play matching, memory, and more! For extended practice, have students place one of the nine Flamingo characters in, out, around, over… nearby objects.
Flamingo Bingo and Lotto!
  • 16 playing surfaces, 8 bingo and 8 lotto (8 double-sided boards, 8½" x 11")
  • 80 pink foam Flamingo tokens
  • 32 pairs of cards (64 total, 2⅛" x 3⅝")
  • 9 Flamingo characters
Use the festive Flora Flamingo plush stuffed animal with Flamingo Bingo as a motivator for your students! Place Flora around the classroom to expand learning and have even more fun! Students will love searching for Flora and describing where she is and positioning Flora for their classmates to find! Flora is 8" tall and made with soft, cuddly, quality fabric.
The combo includes Flamingo Bingo and Lotto game and Flora Flamingo Plush Stuffed Animal.

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